Fives Touch - Rugby à toucher
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5 players per team on a reduced ground, an oval ball,

rules specially studied to take a maximum of pleasure ...

The Fives Touch is a spectacular sport where you do not get bored for a second !

Throughout the world, it allows thousands of players to compete in a good mood,

for a one-time event or to become ...

the Champions Champions!

01 Constant animation

All the players participate permanently in the game. This makes the Fives Touch Rugby attractive, both for practitioners and spectators.

02 Hyper Accessibility

The absence of contact limits the injuries, and allows the accessibility to the greatest number (young and old, girls and boys, novices or initiates).

03 Specific rules

The different ways of marking, or the specific role of certain players, provide unique sensations.

04 Multiple locations

You can play Fives Touch Rugby in the open air or indoor in a gymnasium.